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Posted By Rhino on 10/28/13

Virtual Pornstars lets you have your way with their big tits!

I don’t want to tell you what to do, but if I were you I’d be jumping on this interactive porn bandwagon while it is still in beta. Pretty much all of the kinks have been worked out so they are basically just giving away the store here. You can still try these highly addictive interactive porn videos for free on VirtualPornstars.com.

What the interactive videos allow you to do is create your very own big juggs porno where you select what happens next. Each time you watch it you can take things into different directions so it never gets boring. One video can give you dozens and dozens of completely different stories.

Right now you can try this interactive porn free of charge. Like I said though… it is highly addictive. Being able to call the shots during a porn shoot is every mans dream. With Virtual Porn stars you an have your dreams come true.

New episodes get added each week. Every episode is shot in extreme HD. Depending on your internet connection and your viewing apparatus the bitrate and resolution will automatically scale so you can get the best experience guaranteed.

This has been years in the making. Now you can effectively steal it with their full consent. Try it out for free today!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/17/13

Two Way Chat With Big Tits Babes

Being without a girlfriend or a wife can be tough. Hell, sometimes it can be even tougher having one. My girlfriend doesn’t masturbate. It is the only hang up we have. I have always enjoyed sharing masturbation with past girlfriends. To help myself out I do two-way chats with big tits babes online at HerCamera.com.

The system allows the girls to see you. If you are shy, or just prefer to not let them see you, there is no requirement to have a working camera. It is just nice to give her a show while she is giving you one.

Many of the models I have two-way chats with will give me a ton of extra minutes because they really like being able to get off while watching a guy masturbate. Think about it. They spend all day looking at a screen with words rolling by. Then a guy comes on jerking off for them. Even webcam models have to have a real orgasm at some point in time!

So the next time you feel the need to chat live with a real jerkoff partner us HerCamera.com and find a hot babe!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/23/13


For me there can be no comparison between real boobs and fake boobs. But then I am making my determination based on the fact that there are so many quack doctors out there practicing cosmetic surgery that destroy a woman’s looks without knowing they are doing it.

Because of the porn industry and their countless porn stars with fake tits that look extremely fake there has been a subset of the world that believes these fakes are a standard look. Wrong!

Boobs should hang down, not underneath a girls armpits. But even real natural juggs have their own issues. If a girl loses some weight she may find that her skin has stretched to the point that her massive boobs sag too far. In this case she can get breast augmentation surgery to have them tightened up. Again, though, she must steer clear of quack doctors that don’t pull them up correctly and leave them under her arms.

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Posted By Rhino on 09/05/13


This young cam couple is made up of a stud cock boy and a middle aged beauty with huge tits and sexy blonde locks. They met online while she was doing some live sex cams and he was enjoying them. I guess that is the power of 2-way camming. She could see he was hung like a horse and ready to pound.

Now he is destroying her cunt and her asshole for anybody that wants to pay to watch. Being that they are both hyper-horny sex machines they often perform such feats without hitting the privacy button. That means you get to see him rape her asshole for free!

Get access to thousands of live sex cams from LiveFilthy.com. The site is part of a large network of cam sites. Free users can often find plenty to watch without even having to login. Paid members can watch pre-recorded videos and enjoy huge picture galleries the girls, couples and "others" provide.

Don’t know what others means? Haha, check it out!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/28/13

Huge Juggs Momma Ebony Cams

Damn, boy!

Those are some monstrous ebony juggs right there. Her name is SallyLove and she loves working that cock for some salty juice surprise. Her rack is plenty big enough for you to slap your big cock between her cock knockers and ride until she is wearing a pearl necklace.

When you are looking for ebony cams you need to steer clear of the ones that cost an arm and a leg. I found Sally here on a completely free site. It is called My Ebony Cams. It is packed with hot ebony babes with juicy juggs. All of them are doing free shows. It is pretty sick.

The ebony girls have their own rules like having to login to chat with them or have money in your account to chat with them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the xxx ebony cams and the sexy shows the ladies put on. It is a rule that each girl must masturbate each hour for free. So get used to seeing a lot of black bitches having orgasms!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/06/13

Don't by shy, she doesn't bite... hard. Super hot and super sex Princess Kitty

Lets just face the facts shall we? You are going to pull on the pud tonight and you are probably going to do it the same old way you have been doing it for years. Are you even enjoying yourself when you do it all alone anymore? Or are you just a sperm donor assembly line that spits out sperm every time your balls fill up?

Have some fun tonight with Princess Kitty and let her give you some kinky jerkoff instruction. Yeah, I know you know how to whack yourself off, but having a hot babe tell you how to do it is so much more interesting and who knows, you just might learn a thing or two!

Kitty can be anything you want her to be. Maybe you want her to be your naughty neighbor that caught you looking in her window and now she wants you to show her what you were doing? She can also play your best friend’s older sister that caught you jerking off into her knickers in the bathroom. The possibilities are endless.

Phone sex is an equalizer. Normally girls like Kitty wouldn’t pay me much attention. Over the phone I am all she is thinking about. You can take complete control of a perfect 10, or let her take total control of you. Either way you are guaranteed to have a good time.

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Posted By Rhino on 07/04/13

Amber Lynn Bach uses her juicy juggs to titty fuck his cock.

When you want the biggest juggs on the net you can’t go wrong with Score Videos. The site is packed full of the most well endowed women on the planet. Videos range from softcore to hardcore with plenty of everything in between.

Getting all of these juicy juggs is plenty sweet, but what if we sweetened the deal even more? Act now and you can get a Score Videos discount membership with 33% off the regularly monthly price!

This unbelievably low rate is just one of the reasons you need to make Porn Tips your go to spot when it comes to big bits porn site reviews. Most of the reviews also come with loads of free porn. You can even preview the members area on many of the full reviews.

You wouldn’t dip your stick in a dime store hooker without wrapping (I hope!), so why would you handover your credit card number to just any website peddling porn? Read the facts on PornTips.com and keep your finances in check. They let you know when porn sites are shady. They also steer you towards hundreds of them that are on the up and up. Use Porn Tips the next time you want honest adult site reviews.

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Posted By Rhino on 06/22/13

Don’t you just love it when a big juggs pornstar MILF is giving someone boob job? I don’t know what you guys have to say about it but for me this is one of the most boner inducing sights there is on the face of the planet.

I found a hot babe at a local bar called the Foxfire. All of the local MILF go there looking for cubs to take home and titty fuck. Some of the hottest nights of passion started in that place for me. You can find a bar like that or use the porn star club to find hot babes looking to work your cock with their huge hooters.

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Posted By Rhino on 06/11/13

I have to be honest with you guys that I’ve always been a fan of big natural breasts. There is nothing in this world that is going to make me change my mind into thinking that I should like something else. Hot girls with big beautiful and natural boobs will always be the largest fetish in the world. It’s enough to look at Sha Rizel’s big boobs and those big fat lips dressed up in red lipstick. If this bitch doesn’t make you think only at boob job and blowjob’s then I don’t know what does.

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Posted By Rhino on 05/26/13


One look at the rack on big tits MILF porn star Zoey Andrews and I am thinking about the "Few Good Men" she would need to satisfy her luscious body. Are you up for the task? You can literally get in on a gang-bang gold show with a group of guys intent on landing on her beaches and leaving their calling cards all over her ample rack of tits.

When you watch a Zoey Andrews sex cam show you are in for a real treat. It is one thing to try and get intimate on a porn set with the lighting crew, director, producer, makeup, camera crew and anyone else looking on. It is a whole different thing to be intimate in the privacy of ones own home and sharing that intimacy with guys you choose to be intimate with.

By sharing the load as far as the price goes, gold shows will save you a shit-ton of money. You get the same show only you pay around 3 to 5 bucks. Insane, I know! Don’t worry about the other guys getting in your way. Zoey has plenty enough love to spread around.

Load up on free live sex cams at Cam Tub and get in on some cheap shows as well. Just stop paying full price will ya?!?!

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Posted By Rhino on 05/20/13


Most women of this kind of girth aren’t as open minded about sex as Samantha38G is. She has been extra thick her entire life. She learned early on not to let those kids in high school get to her. Instead of fretting about her weight she spent her time using her gigantic juggs to garner some love from her teachers and the guys on the basketball team. She got straight A’s and some long black cock up every orifice on her body. Plus, with tits as big as hers, it was like having another fuck hole!

Along with her juicy juggs she has a very juicy ass. While it is big and shapely it is also hard. She packs it full of muscle carrying her thick frame around. One nice aspect of having such a nice rack of juggs.

One night with this exhibitionist and you will be singing praises about phat ladies. They don’t call them big beautiful women for nothing. Find some more plus sized women with natural curves on the only site bold enough to devote itself to XXX BBW webcam chat.

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Posted By Rhino on 05/07/13


Not long ago it seemed those nude erotica sites were primarily limited to serving up petite girls with extremely small tits. It seemed they were dedicated to finding barely legal girls. Not any more. Now they have girls of all shapes and sizes. Even big juggs babes like Errotica Archive Petia are strutting their stuff. Thank God!

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you would know that I prefer my women to be natural. I don’t mind a little extra hip bone if it means I get to play with milk sacks made from all natural ingredients. No silicone for me. No siree, Bob.

When you think about it there is really only one downside to the whole equation and it is that the girls often use different names on different sites. Petia can also be found as Aelita Femjoy has for some reason changed her name. Still again on MPL Models she goes by another name.

While all of that can be confusing I am sure you and your cock will sort it all out. Enjoy the natural juggs.

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Posted By Rhino on 04/08/13


I am not sure how new this site is, but it rocks! I have seen more chicks with big juggs masturbating in the last couple of hours than I have in the past ten years of frequenting webcam sites. The way this site works has to be something new because I have never heard of this kind of thing before.

How it works is a girl, chick, coed, woman, MILF, GILF or whatever she is logs into Cam Fuze and it connects to her webcam. Guys from around the world can then see her big juggs. That includes you. Even if you are a penny pincher you can still see her juggs. Not because it is a free cam area and she is going to go private, but because the entire site is free!

You don’t need a membership to watch girls masturbate. With camfuse you can see all of the action whether you are logged in or not. It works through a gratuity system. As people, out of the goodness of their hearts, and the hardness of their cocks, give her money she does more and more.

This is going to kill those other kinds of cam sites for sure!

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Posted By Rhino on 03/16/13


When I think back to when my fascination with silver dollar nipples, a.k.a. sunny side up nipples, started I keep going back to the same person. She was a neighbor and she loved to lay out by the pool. Every summer I would hang out in my room on the second story peaking out my window at her big luscious boobs.

From time to time she would take off her top and rub lotion into her silver dollar nipples. I filled a lot of socks with cum wishing I could be the skin on the palms of her hands.

I used to miss her titties, but now I enjoy big boob cams when I need a pick me up. Babes like xPrincessDrix don’t mind rubbing oil into their tits and helping me reminisce.

Get back to your roots with some online sex cams.

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Posted By Rhino on 02/13/13


Some dirty cock sucking sluts are even dirtier than their big juggs competition. This one is fucking smoking hot. Her tits are huge. Her face is cuter than all hell. She has a body made for fucking two cocks at once.

We have all wanted to bang a bitch with a wingman to fill her other holes at the same time. Finding a slut that dirty isn’t easy unless you are on FapLot.com. The site has hundreds of hardcore sex movies you can watch for free. You never have to pay and the site doesn’t even have a way to do so even if you wanted to donate to the owner.

Why is he doing this? Because he is a big time fan of watching big juggs slut porn just like you. Some people ride motorcycles. Some people tackle rocks and hills with their Jeep. This guy tackles huge titties with a tube site large enough to contain them all!

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