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Posted By Rhino on 01/12/11


There ain’t no reason to have a natural set of big juggs like Brandi’s if ya ain’t gonna use em! At Big Naturals they have hundreds of models, all well-endowed, like Brandi, and they all know how to titty fuck a man like nobody’s business!

Big Naturals started years ago when two guys got together and decided to change the face of porn. They eventually turned into the Reality Kings and have 28 amazing sites under their belt.

Along with Big Naturals you get Monster Curves, 40 Inch Plus, Round and Brown, Mike in Brazil… Need I go on? Fuck it! 8th Street Latinas, Street Blowjobs, Big Tits Boss, We Live Together, Pure 18

[huff] [huff]

OK… Enough with the name dropping. The point is this isn’t just a big juggs site, it is a network of porn designed to keep you satisfied with three updates a day and more niches then you can jerky a stick at!

You have plenty of choices on where to spend your hard earned cash and only one place to do it right. That place is with the Reality Kings, home of the Big Naturals!

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Posted By on 12/23/10


Usually I am pretty good about showing you big juggs hanging out of tops, bras or just hanging out period. Well not this time because when I seen the picture of Keylee Parker and her massive boobs almost busting out, I couldn’t pass it up.

I wanted to see those huge tits in the flesh so bad but I had to settle with a membership to PlayboysBustyBabes.com. It was just as good because they gave me instant access to nude videos and pictures of Keylee Parker.

Playboys Busty Babes is full of 100% exclusive content featuring beautiful All American girls in multiple photo sets. They also have fully nude videos and intimate revealing interview videos.

So sign up today to PlayboysBustyBabes.com and see what I am talking about.

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Posted By Rhino on 12/18/10

Brandy Taylor

What is the use of having a floppy set of huge juggs if you aren’t going to fuck them? Brandy Taylor thought the same thing and has been putting her huge rack to good use ever since they grew in!

Fucked Tits finds hot babes like Brandy with huge juggs and the willingness to use them for more than they were intended. Some guys fuck their pillow and some guys fuck their "pillows"… Which kind of guy are you going to be tonight?

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Posted By on 11/12/10



I was looking around to find some fantastic jugs and actually went outside of what I would call my comfort zone.  When looking for Huge Juggs I would never go to a site called Dark Thrills, I would be looking for anything tits, boobs, juggs.

So when I was looking for something that you would like I stumbled across Dark Thrills and Tyra  Moore.  Watch this clip, number 3, actually watch them all.  But if you are a lover of the juggs like me then watch this bouncy, jiggly, fabulous set of juggs make their way to my heart, ok cock.

So after I say this clip I investigated the site closer, and all of the beautiful black women on Dark Thrills have large beautiful juggs.  It is worth your time to take a look.

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Posted By on 09/20/10


Whitney Stevens has some Massive Big Tits, this is my favorite pose whether you hit from the front or the back.  I just love watching those titties ounce around.

Now Whitney looks like she has some good pussy, I would be all over that in a minute.  But it is her Massive Big Tits that would draw me in, it is that sweet pussy hat would keep me there.

So if you like girls like Whitney Stevens you need to visit

Massive Big Tits, I won’t tell you to join because once you get there your dick will do that for me.

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Posted By on 09/04/10


My oh my, I wish I was in the bath with Club Katrin.  I will give her a squirt job.  Beautiful woman, big juggs and a big squirting dildo.  How can I complain?

Well to begin with, that is a dildo and not my cock jizzing on the big juggs of Club Katrin.  But other than the fact that I am not there in the place of the huge piece of plastic, I can’t complain so I will just enjoy the show.

So go and see Club Katrin today, get your membership and you will be able to see the exclusive hardcore pictures and videos.

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Posted By Rhino on 08/16/10


If life is like a box of chocolates, I suggest you head your ass on over to the Big Tits Boss where you always know what you’ll get. Hot babes overflowing with big juggs!

Big Tits Boss lays it all out on the line. These high powered women used their big juggs to get where they are and they don’t worry about this whole sexual harassment shit. If you don’t like their harassment there are plenty of gay sites you could be enjoying instead!

I like tits and I like ’em big! Big Tits Boss is part of the Reality Kings network, which means you get more sites featuring babes with big juggs like Big Naturals and Monster Curves. Why settle for less when you can sample these delicious tits for only buck?

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Posted By on 08/03/10


Rucca Page is a homely looking chick with some huge juggs.  That is a nice combination, since most homely chicks don’t have a lot of experience with dudes.  so when you find a homely looking chick like Rucca with some Heavy Handfuls it is like striking gold.

Not on do you get a chick with some Heavy Handfuls of big juggs for others, you get a horny little chick who has to make u for lost time in Rucca Page.  Not just that they are horny, the are eager to please because they lack self confidence.  This makes them even more trainable, want them to swallow, done… Like Anal, done…  Bring in her friend, pushing it but I like where you are going with this…

Homely looking chick Rucca Page is waiting to show you how she gets fucked at Heavy Handfuls, bring a wet wipe.  You’ll need it.  See you there, but aim away from me please.

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Posted By on 07/27/10


I was just introduced to Aria Valentino today, I couldn’t be happier that I made her acquaintance.  I still don’t know much about her outside of just sating she has a pretty face and huge tits.  I promise I will be better prepared when talking about her in the future. 

But for right now, just look at that face.  Those nice huge tits.  Thin waist and nice body.  She does go completely nude and I think I saw a dildo gallery.  So here is to our happy beginning to our relationship with Aria Valentino,  I did find that she is a natural 32 G cup.  Love, Exciting and new, come aboard were expecting you, the love boat.

So now that I have entered the love boat with Aria Valentino, I hope that she decides to go hardcore, but only if she is accepting my offer to be the only one in the galleries with her. 

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Posted By on 07/27/10


Teen Paris Milan is such a cute sweet teen with 34 DDDD huge tits, she is absolutely stunning.  Look at those huge knockers, they could feed Somalia.

Fuck little bowls of rice when you could feed on those titties, who cares Teen Paris Milan is not even lactating.  It would be worth the starvation to just suck away on those huge tits.  She has beautiful blue eyes, so don’t forget to look up once in a while.

So go visit Teen Paris Milan and be part of the solution to cure world hunger. 

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Posted By on 07/21/10


This is Gabi, she has big juggs and a nice ass, with a skinny waist.  So in other words she is a chick with Big Tits Curvy Asses.  She is a very pretty black girl but what gets me the most is I want to tug the shit on those ropes coming out of her head.

Now really, Gabi is a real life fucking amusement park.  Literally, you fuck he while you climb the rope, could there be a better combination.  I am typing one handed just thinking about it, when you go to the premiere sites like Big Tits Curvy Asses you will see all shapes, colors and sizes.  But how often do you see actual rope, it still looks good, but it really looks like rope.

So go to Big Tits Curvy Asses take a look at these ropes and wish you had a Gabi playset growing up, I know I wish I would have had one.

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Posted By Rhino on 07/16/10


Now you might be thinking the male model sucking on those giant knockers is not your typical porn stud… and you’d be right! That is because Claudia Marie is one of the only porn stars that literally fucks her fans!

I am not saying you are guaranteed to have a turn chomping at the tit, but nobody else is giving you more than just hopes and dreams!

Claudia Marie is the real deal. She is a real porn star and by that I mean she does this for the fans. She has done it all in the name of making her fans happy. So, it should be no surprise Claudia is taking things this far.

Members of Claudia Marie get access to her MILF and teen porn star friends. Not a taste or a lame ass feed, but instant access to a network of hot porn star babes!

They might not all have tits as big as Claudia does, but then who can match her larger than life juggs?

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Posted By Admin on 07/04/10


I thought it was time to bring Club Katrin’s huge juggs.  Look it is T-Swizzle all grown up, difference is Taylor would have to have multiple surgeries where Katrin is natural.

I just love Club Katrin, her beautiful face and huge juggs definitely help, but there is a presumed innocence about Katrin that creates this mystique about her that just draws me in.

So come with me to Club Katrin and get lost in her eyes or huge juggs, wither way it is all good.

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Posted By Rhino on 07/02/10


Having a hard time scoring with two big tits babes at the same time? Yeah, me too, but don’t worry about it, there are ways of getting what you desire!

Cam With Her allows guys like us to do the impossible! No matter who you are, these babes are always ready to play!

Grab a personal password to Cam With Her and enjoy a cam site on steroids. Instead of just having cams, they have mini-solo-girl sites for each girl. That means you can enjoy your favorites even if they are off line!

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Posted By on 06/30/10

This chick is amazing, those sensual eyes, that pretty mouth, those sexy lips and nice thighs.  Not to be forgotten are those amazing juggs. I am not sure what nationality Angel Dark is, but who really cares.  Stunners sure didn’t.

So I will be frequenting Stunners to see my Pocahantas Angel Dark, even though I have no idea if she is Indian but again who cares.  My sweet Angel is perfect from head to toe and I can’t wait to get exploring.

So go visit Stunners and look around at all of the beautiful women featured on this site. 

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